Saints in June


1 Justin, Martyr at Rome, c.165
3 The Martyrs of Uganda, 1885–7 and 1977
4 Petroc, Abbot of Padstow, 6th century
5 Boniface (Wynfrith) of Crediton, Bishop, Apostle of Germany, Martyr, 754
6 Ini Kopuria, Founder of the Melanesian Brotherhood, 1945
8 Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Nonjuror, Hymn Writer, 1711
9 Columba, Abbot of Iona, Missionary, 597
9 Ephrem of Syria, Deacon, Hymn Writer, Teacher of the Faith, 373
11 Barnabas the Apostle
14 Richard Baxter, Puritan Divine, 1691
15 Evelyn Underhill, Spiritual Writer, 1941
16 Richard, Bishop of Chichester, 1253
16 Joseph Butler, Bishop of Durham, Philosopher, 1752
17 Samuel and Henrietta Barnett, Social Reformers, 1913 and 1936
18 Bernard Mizeki, Apostle of the MaShona, Martyr, 1896
19 Sundar Singh of India, Sadhu (holy man), Evangelist, Teacher of the Faith, 1929
22 Alban, first Martyr of Britain, c.250
23 Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely, c.678
24 The Birth of John the Baptist
27 Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, Teacher of the Faith, 444
28 Irenæus, Bishop of Lyon, Teacher of the Faith, c.200
29 Peter and Paul, Apostles

( You can find this list and links to factual information on wikipedia.)

I have researched the life and work of Etheldreda. In the list of saints for June she appealed to me because in her way saint Etheldreda still teaches us humbleness and willingness to listen to those who are other than we know or understand.

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Lenten Services and Events at St Mary’s

March 1st - April 21st 2019

Pre Lent

Friday March 1st at 10.30 World Day of Prayer service and reception

Ash Wednesday March 6th

12.00 Ash Wednesday prayer and imposition of ashes
19.30 Lenten Study Series begins

Lenten Sermon Series

Sundays at St Mary’s: Stewardship – or – Who Exactly is in Charge?

  • We will explore the Stewardship themes of Time, Talent, and Treasure, and consider what these have to do with living our lives to the best of our ability.

All-Age Services during Lent/Easter

  • Sunday, March 10th, 1st Sunday of Lent
  • Sunday, April 21, Easter Sunday

Lenten Study Series

  • ‘Unsung Heroes of Faith’ – Stories of everyday people you may never have heard about, how every day faith changed the world, and encouragement for our everyday faith.
  • People such as: Auguste Escoffier (Chef), Joseph Mohr (author of Silent Night), Chief Seathl (for whom the city of Seattle is named), Queen Emma (of Hawaii), and Mary Jackson (NASA engineer).
  • In conjunction with the Scots Church (Schiedamsesingel 2, Rotterdam)
  • Four sessions at 19.30 every other Wednesday during Lent:
    • 6 March at the Scots Church;
    • 20 March at St Mary’s;
    • 3 April at the Scots Church;
    • 17 April at St Mary’s.

Holy Week

  • Palm Sunday service, April 14th at 10.30;
  • Maundy Thursday service & Stripping of theAltar, April 18th at 19.30;
  • Good Friday, April 19th: 12.00 and 19.30.

Easter Sunday

April 21st at 10.30: Easter Celebratory Eucharist and Baptism


  • Confirmation, March 31st at St James Voorschoten (This service is in conjunction with other chaplaincies; because not everyone will be able to attend, we will have a reception for the newly confirmed the following Sunday; see next.);
  • Confirmation reception, April 7th at St Mary’s (Reception for the newly confirmed from St. Mary’s following the service.);
  • Annual General Meeting, April 14th (immediately following the service).

As Part of our children’s ministry, we are offering an Ash Wednesday event exclusively or children. Registration at St Mary’s is required and a small offering toward supplies (5 Euro per child) is suggested.

All children birth up to 11yers of age, and a parent or carer

Ash Wednesday Children’s Event : (stories, yummy food, activities)

Wednesday March 6th 15.00 – 16.30

St Mary’s Holt Hall

Please register via or by speaking with Jenni. Children need to be accompanied by a parent or carer for this event.

Preparation of New Electoral Roll

Every year we hold an Annual Meeting. Its purpose is to elect lay representatives to the chaplaincy church council, to receive a number of reports about chaplaincy activities and events, and to discuss the business of the chaplaincy and its council. Everyone whose name is on the electoral roll is warmly encouraged to attend and take part in the meeting.

Electoral Roll

To participate in the Annual Meeting you need to be on the electoral roll.
In 2019 a new electoral roll shall be prepared according to the church representation rules. This means that if you wish to have your name entered on the new roll, you must apply for enrolment.

Under the Church Representation Rules any lay persons are entitled to have their names entered on the Roll, if they:

  1. are baptised and aged 16 or over;
  2. have signed a form of application for enrolment;
    and either
  3. are members of the Church of England or of any Church in communion with the Church of England being resident in the parish or (not being resident in the parish) having habitually attended public worship in the parish during the six months prior to the application for enrolment;
  4. are members in good standing of a Church (not in communion with the Church of England) which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity declaring themselves to be also members of the Church of England and having habitually attended public worship in the parish during the period of six months prior to enrolment.

See the pdfNotice of preparation of New Electoral Roll to read the full announcement.

You can be added to the electoral roll at any time, but the ideal time is during its annual revision in the period leading up to the Annual Meeting. You will need to complete the form ‘Application for Enrolment on the Electoral Roll’, available from the churchwardens and/or the electoral roll officer.

For enrolment you need to pdffill in the attached form: print it, fill it in and sign it and hand it over or send it to the chaplain, Jenni Pridmore, the Church Warden, Willem Gebuis or the electoral roll officer, Gera Clarkson not later than 24th of March 2019 (any time earlier would be very helpful!).

Also attached is pdfthe Electoral Roll Privacy Notice where you find information on data protection.

If you have any questions about the electoral roll or the renewal of it, please feel free to ask the Chaplain, the Church Warden or the electoral roll officer.

With kind regards,

Gera Clarkson, electoral roll officer

Jenni Pridmore, Chaplain

Willem Gebuis, Church Warden

Caring for Creation

During Creationtide 2018 at St Mary's the emphasis was on how fragile the earth has been in the last decades. Due to several polluters such as Fossil Fuels (CO2), Fashion, Transport, Agriculture, Deforestation, Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides etc.

But Fashion as a high polluter, how is this possible?

Caring for Creation

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Annual General Meeting will be held on 29 April after the service

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday April 29th following the service. Please make a note of this! Childcare will be provided. This is a very important meeting for everyone who attends St. Mary's. We will be discussing not only reports from the past year, but our beginning Mission Action Planning, and our financial situation. Please make plans to attend and participate if at all possible.

AGM 2018: reports/review of 2017

Chaplain’s Report

Such a lot has happened at St. Mary’s over the past year, adjusting to a new Chaplain, a somewhat different role for the Chaplain, and considering how to best serve the congregation of St. Mary’s as well as the surrounding community. With the advent of programming for teens and the launch of the student group The Anchor (run in conjunction with the SICR and IFES), we are seeing renewed possibilities. Attendance is up slightly, and special programs such as the Lenten Study have been well received.

At the same time, St. Mary’s is facing the same hard truths being faced by congregations all over Europe: general church attendance is down, donations are down, and our buildings and congregations are aging. Society is rapidly changing, giving the Church an almost constant turn over in challenges to reaching out. And yet, this is exactly what the Church is called to do: reach out, serve, share, minister, bless. How do we do this effectively?

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