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What the humans are to do in the Lord’s Creation?

Hi Sid,
the Lord created humans as well. And this led to a lot of questions for the animals but finally this questioning also led to some of the greatest Celebrations as well.

The question was: “what the humans are to do in the Lord’s Creation?’
Do you know?

No? Well: here is the story, and I do not know if it all happened like that, but I know it is true.

In one of those happy days in Creation time, after a golden day with the Sun laughing and now going down to kiss the horizon, the animals lazed about on the Great Field. They chatted about this, that and the other, such as news as: “Had anybody else noticed the great beauty of the peacocks’ eggs, and the slow reverberating song of the whales that they were developing to sing to the Lord, and how the stars were slowly swirling in their shining?”.

The tyrannosaur

amy baugess YJSnVbVW98I unsplashPhoto by Amy Baugess on Unsplash

whispered to the pig: “I cannot make it out; what with the stars and the eggs and the whales: do you know why the Lord created humans?”. Everybody heard of course, the tyrannosaur not being able to keep her voice down.

“Don’t be silly” said the pig: “just like us: to love Him, of course, because He loves them. Everyone knows that!”
Everybody agreed, it was a silly question and it was the only possible answer.

The tyrannosaur drooped a bit: she had not meant to ask that silly question, of course not, the pig was right, but what then had she meant to ask? She worried on, while the animals chatted a bit more about this, and that and the other: “Where to find the best berries and tangiest fruit; and the greenest grass and the coolest wallow; the saltiest, sparklingiest, refreshing wave?”.

leo roomets asfY cHGNk unsplashPhoto by Leo Roomets on Unsplash

The squirrel also worried and retreated up a tree to fret over the humans; the “why” was indeed self-evident as the pig had said, but “what would the humans do in Creation?” The question niggled and niggled at him.

Suddenly he burst out, cutting all chitchat short: “Yeah, fine, but for what purpose did the Lord create them? We love Him as well as any human can. But we do everything else better than they can. We run faster, we grow bigger and smaller, we have far more lovely fur”, he preened his tail, “we see better, we smell better, and we hear better with sharper ears… I mean, what are those humans to do in Creation?”

rebecca prest kik6HdkaG M unsplashPhoto by Rebecca Prest on Unsplash

The tyrannosaur whipped her head about: that was what she had meant to ask too! And also, also...there: that doubt, that worry “what would the humans do to her little ones?”

“Well, they do throw sticks farther for me to catch than you lot can”, said the dog. “Hm”, said the gorilla: “not so sure about that”. So, the dog and gorilla had a stick-throw-and-fetch game and after that, the animals decided that maybe, just maybe, the humans might be a bit cleverer with their hands and shoulders than they were, but for the rest?

Everyone was curious now and talked it over for a long time: “What would the humans do in Creation?”

The pig finally suggested that they should ask the Lord Himself. All agreed that this would be best. They asked the snake, that jokingly smart talker who so often amused them with his teasing paradoxes, conundrums and silly propositions, to go and lovingly invite the Lord to come and talk with them the next afternoon, on the Great Field. No doubt the snake would invite the Lord in a way that would make the Lord laugh.
The snake went into delighted sinuous curves and said he would be most happy to oblige as “their obedient servant, m’lords and m’ladies”, which made them giggle.

pravin bagde 0TzztcEkSFo unsplashPhoto by Pravin Bagde on Unsplash

The snake slipped smoothly away but did not return.

The next day the animals spent in cleaning the Great Field extra well, fully confident that the Lord and the Holy Spirit would come to their invitation; they always so generously replied to whatever they asked them to do.

When the Sun was going down again to kiss the horizon, the Lord came with the Holy Spirit to the Great Field. The snake rode upon their shoulder and looked indecently smug.

The Lord and the Spirit sat down on the beautiful rock the animals had washed and scrubbed and the ducks had softened with their eiderdown. The snake flipped down and curled up on their lap, looking even more indecently smug, almost smirking.

jael vallee 6f6I G2 F9Q unsplashPhoto by Jaël Vallée on Unsplash

The animals looked a bit envious, everyone realised that the snake had stolen a march on them. But they didn’t really mind too much; they all knew that the Lord and the Spirit loved them equally and that their own turn would come.

Awed silence then fell.

“Well”, said the Lord gently, “you invited me to answer your questions; go ahead, ask”.

The tyrannosaur raucously cleared her throat and asked: “Will the humans be in my time, Lord?”
“Not in your time, no” answered the Lord.
The tyrannosaur bobbed her great head but, but there was still that nagging, nagging thought of her little ones. She dared again: “Will my little ones be there in the time of the humans, Lord?”

alvaro reyes Ow8TEBloAkE unsplashPhoto by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

“No; in the time of your little ones, no, they will not be there”, answered the Lord. “Oh, thank you, Lord”, said the tyrannosaur fervently. She turned and, with an adoring bow to the Lord, ambled off to find some food. With the tip of her tail, she just, ever so accidentally, knocked the snake off his resting place. The animals giggled, the Spirit grinned; the Lord smiled, held out His hand and the snake hastily scrambled back on their lap.

All ’saurs decided that the Lord had answered them as well, so they too adoringly bowed and ambled off after the tyro, keeping their tails most carefully to themselves.

That left a lot of space on the Great Field as well, and everyone spread out a bit.

After the rustling had died down, all the remaining animals looked expectantly at the squirrel. He had put the real question first, he should ask it now!

The squirrel frantically brushed his fur again, hopped to the front, bowed deeply and said: “We talked about it, Lord, and cannot figure it out and we all have different answers.
So, please, Lord, what are the humans to do in Your Creation?”

“Provide us with fluid food”, zzzzzzzzzzinged the mosquitoes.

wolfgang hasselmann sN0ewHxR5Zg unsplashPhoto by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

“There is that”, agreed the Lord, gently scratching his ear, “but no, not really only that”.
“Throw sticks for me”, said the dog.
“No, silly”, said the cat, “they will tickle my ears and my tummy”. The Lord smiled, reached out and tickled her ears and tummy; then threw a real high swinging, wide swinging and far swinging stick for the dog.

“Admire our beauty” said the peacock and the horse and the aardvark and the warthogs together.

andre ouellet qyXWAj97axs unsplashPhoto by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash

“Ride me, as swift as the wind”, added the horse quickly; there, he really understood now, no one was as strong and fast as he was.
“Stumble over my paradoxes and silly propositions”, giggled the snake. The Lord looked quietly, deeply and musingly at the snake.

david clode Ws6Tb1cI0co unsplashPhoto by David Clode on Unsplash

The snake looked back, blushed suddenly, bowed deeply, tucked in his feet and shut up.

“Enjoy our songs”, warbled the birds. “Eat our honey”, hummed the bees.

rowan heuvel mHaGFQPalxA unsplashPhoto by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

“Laud You, Praise You, Adore You, in the words and music we don’t have yet ready, but will share soon”, sounded the whales.

noaa Gzg7UHSvFa8 unsplashPhoto by NOAA on Unsplash

Many more ideas were shouted.

“There is all that” agreed the Lord, “but no, not really only that”.

A deep hush descended on the Great Field.

What will they do then?”, whispered the squirrel.
The Spirit softly said: “The Lord made them in His own image, remember”. The animals nodded, they all remembered again now.

“What the humans are to do”, continued the Lord, “is: In My Image, care for you, in stewardship over you, share the fruits of the Tree of Life and, in that, serve My purpose for all Creation”.

The Spirit added gently: “They are accountable to You”.
“Yes”, said the Lord, “there is that too”.

He sighed deeply and suddenly looked unbearably sad.

The animals did not understand: to serve the Lord’s purpose, that was a great and glorious thing to do in Creation, surely?
The humans would be very happy to obey, and would shout for joy to know how they were to serve the Lord’s purpose so magnificently, of course?

So, the snake softly curled around His right arm; the cat teasingly licked His left hand; the dog gently nudged at His knees; the squirrel cut a silly caper, the horse warmly snuffled His cheek, the whale turned a somersault,

amy humphries Pes Kt45xvw unsplashPhoto by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

anything to see the Lord smile again.

“You will send me to inspire them”, the Spirit offered. All the animals heaved a sigh of relief. With the Spirit there, everything would be alright with the humans.
The Lord could then not remain sad.

The Lord shook Himself, as if putting a great burden of pain from Himself.

The Lord then rose, put the snake back upon His shoulder, patted him, and said: “This is what the humans are to do, as far as you are concerned”.

“Yes”, said the squirrel. Blithely.
“Yes”, said the snake. Softly.

“Yes”, said all the animals. In total trust.
The Lord and the Spirit smiled and then sent out their mighty and majestic call: “Come, all of you, celebrate and enjoy My Creation”.

vanveenjf QqhF wpujo8 unsplashPhoto by VanveenJF on Unsplash

It was a marvellously joyous Celebration, dear Sid, and none of the animals worried anymore about what the humans would do in Creation.

Genesis 1.27
Job 38: 1 – 40.3
John 1.10 – 17; 16. 7 – 13
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